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East of Downtown

Once a working Air Force base in Denver, Colorado, Lowry transformed into a forward-thinking, mixed-use community. The idea behind Lowry was to take an existing urban area, give it new life and avoid adding to the problem of urban sprawl. That dream is now a reality. In fact, Lowry has been so successful that it received the Governor's Award for Smart Growth and has become a model community for urban-infill projects across the country.

With its well-tended boulevards, quiet residential streets and central location, Lowry incorporates the best aspects of Denver's great old neighborhoods. But the Lowry Redevelopment Authority is also looking forward — into the needs of future generations. And this is particularly true when it comes to the environment. Old Air Force runways have been recycled into brand new roads; beautiful old trees have been moved rather than cut down; 20,000 new trees have been planted.

Lowry's streets, roundabouts and trails system are designed to reduce car trips — and pollution. Many of Lowry's homes are being built to maximize energy efficiency, minimize pollution and conserve natural resources. And careful land planning and xeriscaping, plus a golf course that incorporates sustainable resource management techniques, will save one of Colorado's most precious resources: water.

Lowry is also forward-thinking when it comes to technology. The homes, businesses and schools at Lowry are connected by scenic trails and sidewalks, but also by an advanced telecommunications network.

That way, homeowners, students and workers at Lowry have enhanced access to education, entertainment and a variety of other services from within and outside the community; homes and other buildings are pre-wired for high-speed Internet access, multiple phone lines and advanced audio and video distribution.

Thanks to Lowry's progressive philosophy, businesses and residents can call Lowry their home for generations to come.

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There are a variety of home options from townhomes in the $160's, duplexes and lofts in the $200's, single family homes in the $300's to $500's, up to custom homes over $1 Million.

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